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Field Dressing Gloves For Big Game

26"Long Field Dressing Gloves

Each year 15 million deer tags are purchased by deer hunters throughout the United States. We spend millions of dollars on guns, ammo, bow/arrows, equipment that covers everything from deer stands to hunting boots, scent eliminators to scent that attract deer in range for a shot. We buy expensive clothing, wool socks, insulated underwear, the newest camo patterned pants, shirts, cold weather jackets, and full body suits. One of the last and most important purchases we make or don't make are field dressing gloves. Until now, there have been only 2 options used for field dressing your harvested game, your bare hands or a cheap pair of deposable gloves that normally fail during the field dressing process. “We have a better option” and it's called Uncle Freddie’s “Reusable” Big Game Gut Gloves. Made 26" long with extra wide cuffs that fits over your expensive hunting clothes, the elastic band holds the sleeves firmly around your bicep and will not creep down while you field dress. They are made of a revolutionary synthetic rubber and the hand portion is coated with a non-slip grip that assures knife control throughout the entire field dressing. The material is strong but thin which gives you the dexterity you need to feel your way through the task at hand. Blood, guts, hair, and tallow adhere to the gloves not your skin or your expensive hunting clothes. Our customers have cleaned Whitetail Deer, Moose, Elk, Black/Brown Bear, Ferrell Hogs, Crocs/Gators all over the United States. We have outfitters in Europe and Africa using them, even Kangaroo hunters in Australia love our gloves. The product reviews, testimonials and feedback has been tremendous. Big Game Gut Gloves are being used worldwide by everyday hunters, outfitters, and professional hunter we watch on TV. Big Game Gut Glove are must have if you looking to say safe and clean while field dressing your harvest big game.

Big Game Gut Gloves offer a number of benefits. With 6 sizes to choose from, everyone can own a pair. Starting at X-Small and finishing at XXL. From the smallest hands of women and children hunters to the largest seasoned male hunters we have a pair of gloves for you. We've been told many times from so many people that finally someone has made field dressing gloves that actually fit their hands. One of the biggest benefits is they are “Reusable”. That’s right, when you are finished field dressing your harvested game, wash your bloody gloves in a creek, or just take them home and wash them in your utility room slop sink and pack them away for your next hunt. The durability of our gloves will give you years of use and save you a lot of money in the long run.

When the concept of producing “Reusable” field dressing gloves was first spawned, we knew our gloves would be well received in the hunting industry. We designed the gloves to protect the hunter’s hands and expensive hunting clothes from the unpleasant task of field dressing big game animals. What we didn’t know was we produced a product that delivers much needed health protection against the threat of “Transmittable Diseases and Allergies” associated with handling and field dressing big game animals. We all need to take a safer approach to an issue that continues to worsen each hunting season.

Stay Safe Stay Clean Big Game Gut Gloves