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26” Insulated Waterfowl Glove

Successful waterfowl hunting requires great attention to detail and a tremendous amount of hard work. Building blinds, cutting marsh grass and willows for camouflage, checking decoys and sharpening the dog’s retrieval skills are necessary steps to prepare for opening day. Waterfowl hunters repeat this labor of love each season. Waterfowl hunters spend millions of dollars each year supporting wetland conservation programs and purchasing new products associated with the sport we love. Duck calls, decoys, shot gun shells, and warm clothing are just some of the many items needed for successful waterfowl hunting.

All duck hunters know that Mother Nature’s wrath can wreak havoc if proper care isn’t taken to protect yourself from the elements. The biggest problem I’ve encountered through 35 years of waterfowl hunting is keeping my hands warm and dry during the set up and take down of decoy spreads. I’ve tried every glove option available to waterfowl hunters and results were eventually the same – cold, wet hands. Gore-Tex, Neoprene or rubber gloves would give way and start leaking after some hard days on the water. Over the last 2 years countless waterfowl hunters have purchased our lightweight field dressing gloves (Big Game Gut Gloves) and have used them to set their decoy spreads. With all the positive feedback on the performance of the lightweight gloves, we’ve added an insulated 26” long cold weather decoy glove to our product line. Our decoy gloves are far superior to any other decoy gloves on the market today. Made of a revolutionary new synthetic rubber, the hand portion is dipped with a non-slip coating to assure a tight grip on your decoys during the harshest weather conditions. Rain, sleet, snow or wind won’t penetrate our decoy gloves. We’ve equipped our 26” long insulated model with an extra-wide cuff and elastic band at the top of the sleeve. This concept assures a tight fit around your bicep and prevents creep down.

Cold weather was the focal point when we designed our 26” insulated decoy gloves. Use our gloves to break ice in the coldest conditions, put out the largest decoy spreads and stay warm and dry through-out the process.

Safety and high-visibility are the most important aspects of our decision to keep the gloves in our original orange color. We understand the love affair that waterfowl hunters have with camouflage patterns. Remember guys, when you’re wearing our decoy gloves your gun is in the blind or still in your gun case. Once your decoy spread is set up, you can bury your gloves in the bottom of your shell bag and kill some birds.

Stay Safe Stay Dry Big Game Gut Gloves for Decoys.