Compare UF Gloves vs. Latex Based

UF Gloves Highlights....

  • The gloves are made from tough synthetic rubber for added protection from bones, errant knife and saw cuts, and other sharp hazards while in the field or jobsite. Our gloves allow you to work more quickly and firmly with less fear of cutting and protecting your skin. You'll gain confidence, knowing you can work safely and quickly.
  • Synthetic rubber avoids the risk of latex allergies found in common medical-type gloves.
  • Anti-microbial cotton liner is permanently attached to the inside of the glove providing extra comfort and warmth for the wearer.
  • Our gloves provides a liquid-proof barrier, protecting you and your clothes from stains and blood-borne diseases. Blood-borne diseases contracted from field dressing can be serious and include tuberculosis, unknown viruses, and bacterial infections. Our gloves greatly reduce the risk.
  • Extra long 26" length with self-tightening shoulder grip to keep the gloves from slipping down your sleeve.
  • Special proprietary gripping surface on the palm and fingers of the gloves gives unparalleled security when holding your knife, saw or tool. 
  • Bright blaze orange color for high visibility in the field.
  • Multiple sizes are offered so you can get the gloves that fit you RIGHT! No more loose or tight fitting gloves. Properly fitted gloves give you the best dexterity and confidence.
  • These gloves can be easily washed and dried for years of use. No more "one and done" gloves! This also helps protect the environment from discarded one-use gloves. The cost savings of multiple use gloves really add up over time.
  • Our gloves have multiple uses including general cleaning, fishing (great grip for holding your catch and cleaning it), protection from caustic chemicals, and anything else you can think of.
  • We are committed and passionate. We will continue to innovate and bring you the finest products available to help our fellow workers & hunters.

Existing Rubber Glove Options:

  • One and done use... This is environmentally unnecessary. 
  • Existing gloves often requires using 2 or 3 pairs just to do job since they frequently tear or puncture.
  • Current options are very weak and prone to tearing or puncturing from bones, knives, and saws. This exposes the person to blood-borne diseases and risks staining or ruining their expensive clothes.
  • Many current gloves are latex-based, increasing the risk of sometimes life-threatening latex allergies.
  • Current gloves are available in one size only. This makes work more difficult when the gloves you are wearing do not fit well. Tight gloves inhibit your free movement while working. Loose gloves make it tougher to firmly hold your tool. Either way, improperly sized gloves make the job much tougher!
  • Current gloves have no special gripping palm and finger surface, making it tougher to keep a firm grip on your cutting knife, saw or tool.