Long Gloves (Heavyweight)

Long Gloves (Heavyweight)

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Uncle Freddies Gloves are great for those really messy jobs that require submersion of your hands into potentially dangerous or noxious chemicals or liquids. Insulated long or short gloves are great for more demanding environments and/or extreme temperatures since they protect from both heat and cold.

Cold Weather gloves used for trapping Beaver, Otter, and Muskrat. Professional Waterfowl hunters use them for breaking ice and setting large Decoy spreads. No more wet cold hands from leaky gloves.

Our long, 26 inch insulated gloves bring a whole new level of performance for trappers and waterfowl hunters. Unlike other trapper’s gauntlets our gloves are flexible, super tough, and last a long time! We’ve had trappers use them for an entire season without getting any punctures or holes in the gloves. For waterfowl use, our long insulated gloves are tough enough to break ice, keep you warm, and best of all keep you dry in the harshest of conditions!

2 gloves are included in the packaging: a left and a right glove.

*Refer to the sizing link above for sizing information.