Short Gloves (Heavyweight)

Short Gloves (Heavyweight)

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Uncle Freddies Gloves are great for those really messy jobs that require submersion of your hands into potentially dangerous or noxious chemicals or liquids. Insulated long or short gloves are great for more demanding environments and/or extreme temperatures since they protect from both heat and cold.

Excellent hunting gloves when blaze orange is required. Climb your tree stand shoot your gun. Drop one and find it with ease. Wind, Rain, Snow and Ice Proof. Great for ice fishing too. ATV and Snowmobilers wear them.

Our short, 12 inch gloves come in both insulated and non-insulated styles. Both gloves provide the same supergrip hand finish made famous in our 26 inch field dressing gloves. Short gloves are great for shooting, skinning, land trapping, fishing, waterfowl gutting, taxidermy, and just about any other use you can think of. They are made from the same high quality nitrile rubber as our field dressing gloves. Our insulated gloves come with permanent built-in extra thick cotton lining, providing extra warmth on really cold days. Our non-insulated gloves offer protection from moderately cold temperatures, thanks to their cotton lining. Both styles will protect you from the snow, rain, and wind.

2 gloves are included in the packaging: a left and a right glove.

*Refer to the sizing link above for sizing information.